I have a antique chair that has a round piece of leather 15″ round for the seat. The leather is glued on to a 3/8 piece of board. The leather looks like alligator skin/elephant hide or some kind of dark hide. I am looking for a piece to fit the 15″ round. Since you sell by sf, what size should I order.

We recommend buying 20 – 25% more leather than you think you’ll need. So, if you’re shooting for a 15 inch round, you’d need at least 2 square feet. Now, if you’re looking for a round and you’re buying by the square foot, you’ll want to ask for a bit extra as the piece probably won’t be a square. For that, we recommend asking for 2.5 – 3 sq. ft. and also calling in or making a note on your order to let us know that you are looking for something shaped properly for a 15 in. circle. 

We also offer 24×24 inch pre-cuts for some leather, so if any of those work for you, that may be the way to go!

For more information on buying by the square foot, please check out this guide. It includes an image that depicts how irregular cuts can be. 

I need to make another pistol holster. The one that I made is 1/8 (8 – 10 oz?) inch thick. So what I need is a good leather 12″ X 12″ that is soft, not stiff, but at least 1/8 inch thick. I would like it in a black. This will be a IWB holster with a Kydex front and leather back. What do I need to order?

Are you sure that you want it to be soft?  I have leather that would fit that description, but it’s natural, not black. You could dye it for sure, but that’s a bit of a pain. 

Most folks that are making those holsters are using Hermann Oak 8-9 oz leather, but they want it firm, because the leather softens with age and use.  We have 12×12 pieces of Hermann Oak Natural and Black, but they are firm.  If you want softer leather, you can order a pre-cut piece of 8-9 import veg leather.

I am looking to use leather as the “body side” of a Kydex pistol holster. I have made a few Kydex holsters that are made of entirely Kydex but want to branch out into using leather with the Kydex. What would be the best leather to use for this type of application? I want a stiff but flexible type leather that will mold to the person wearing the holster inside the waistband.


Most people are using 8-9 oz, or 9-10 oz Hermann Oak veg tanned leather for making holsters of that sort.  There are other veg leathers in those same weights that will work, but Hermann Oak is the best in my opinion.