Welcome to the SLC Sewing Department

Day to day our sweet sewing team comes to do work a lot of other folks don’t usually see. If you purchase or utilize any of our reseller items, wallet interiors or items in our kits that are already sewn you have seen the handiwork of the sewing department. Our sewing team also uses the clicker press for pre-cuts and does amazing work on needed repairs.

One of the things SLC is known for is their sewing machines and the sewing department uses one of the most popular, yet versatile models we offer. The Cobra Class 20. According to our website, “The Cobra Class 20 is a flatbed machine perfectly suited for book covers, liners, bags and sheaths with its compound feed walking foot, servo motor and speed reducer…This machine is great for beginners because of the speed reducer – you can sew at full torque at virtually any speed!” Because this is the machine that is used most in the sewing department, SLC associates go to Terri quite often with questions about the Cobra Class 20 and about sewing in general due to her knowledge and expertise.

Terri’s got an amazing and efficient team beside her in the sewing department. You’ve never seen folks that could sew up pieces so quickly and with such expertise. They are always willing to help or complete any pieces that need sewing. There is a lot of experience and back knowledge that they each bring to the table and each associate is uniquely creative and always helpful. They’ve got great attitudes and are an integral part of our team. We are super thankful for all that they do and inspire.