Welcome to SLC Retail

The retail floor here at Springfield Leather Company is unlike any other retail floor I have personally ever experienced. When you first walk in our front doors you are pleasantly surprised with the nostalgic smell of leather and greeted by a smiling (behind a mask), friendly face! You can take a look around to see aisles and tables full of differing leathers, whole walls of beads, tools and hardware. You would see belts and bags hanging to be browsed through, and many gorgeous rocks of all sizes.

Our retail store has a very eclectic, northwestern, earthy feel to it. When you enter into the store there are endless possibilities that await. That’s where our retail staff comes in! Anyone could have an amazing store, but without an amazing staff to match it – the store would lose it’s purpose and it’s lively spirit. Our retail staff’s aim is to meet people where they are. From beginners to professionals and creator of all sorts and ages.

That is exactly the type of attitude our retail staff members aspire to emulate, one of genuine care to see people succeed. They strive to help every person who walks in the door find exactly what they are looking for to make their creative aspirations become a reality.

Come visit us here in Springfield, Missouri. We would love to meet you in person and show you around the store!