I need to make another pistol holster. The one that I made is 1/8 (8 – 10 oz?) inch thick. So what I need is a good leather 12″ X 12″ that is soft, not stiff, but at least 1/8 inch thick. I would like it in a black. This will be a IWB holster with a Kydex front and leather back. What do I need to order?

Are you sure that you want it to be soft?  I have leather that would fit that description, but it’s natural, not black. You could dye it for sure, but that’s a bit of a pain. 

Most folks that are making those holsters are using Hermann Oak 8-9 oz leather, but they want it firm, because the leather softens with age and use.  We have 12×12 pieces of Hermann Oak Natural and Black, but they are firm.  If you want softer leather, you can order a pre-cut piece of 8-9 import veg leather.

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