Welcome to SLC’s Laser Engraving Department

Here at SLC we’ve got a sharp team of 4 in our laser engraving department. Each team member brings something specific and unique to the department. We’ve got Holly, who does a lot of the graphic design work for the laser engraving department and the marketing department. She is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to helping SLC out; from creating logos and stamps to creating new ads for Springfield Leather. Our next team member, Zach, runs our laser engraving machines, of which we have 5! He does a lot of customer relation work with folks that call in inquiring about work they need done or if they are interested in purchasing a Glowforge laser engraver. Our laser engravers carve out acrylic templates, both single templates and in bulk for products like bags, wallets, purses and more! Our laser engraving machines also engrave hat patches, weight-lifting belts, large-scale maps, and almost anything you can imagine from patterns, to intricate designs on select leathers and thin wood materials. There are endless options when it comes to laser engraving. We welcome you to give us a call to ask about something you need done or if you are interested in purchasing a laser engraver for yourself! (Watch an SLC live video featuring the Glowforge here) We also have one in our store, so come on by to see how one works in real time!

Laser Engraving

Next we’ve got Cole who runs our CNC machine, which stands for Computerized Numerical Control. Our CNC machine is a giant piece of equipment that has major possibilities. It’s main course of action is carving away excess pieces to leave pre-designed works of art. It can carve out signs, parts for retail displays that go in our store or shop, and even every day use items like decorative pieces that can be filled or covered in resin, which is a clear plastic mold that can have color added if you want to fill the shape of almost anything! The CNC machine is capable of cutting through even stone, granite and agate opening up many possibilities.

CNC Machine

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got the laser engraving department’s outstanding leader, Matt! Matt has been working with SLC for quite some time and has really made the laser engraving department special. He goes out of his way to help customers and teach coworkers more about the laser engraving machines. Matt is very talented, and creates new and creative leather projects on his own during his spare time. He was even on an SLC live video where he showcased his geometric stamping skills (view video here). Matt communicates with customers who want custom stamps done and he stays very busy. Most folks that Matt works with are wanting a unique mark made so that they can stamp their projects with it. Around here we call this a “maker’s mark”, it is typically a customer’s personal business logo or unique “mark” they use to identify with their personal brand. Matt takes care of the process from thought to completed stamp to make sure that our customer’s are getting exactly what they envision. These stamps look great on completed projects and can be used for foil-stamping a mark as well. When I asked Matt what he loves most about working in the laser engraving department, this is what he said.

Matt Quote

We are very thankful here at SLC for such a great department like the laser engraving team. They are a very important and innovative department that is making strides to go above and beyond for our customers and company!

Welcome to the SLC Sewing Department

Day to day our sweet sewing team comes to do work a lot of other folks don’t usually see. If you purchase or utilize any of our reseller items, wallet interiors or items in our kits that are already sewn you have seen the handiwork of the sewing department. Our sewing team also uses the clicker press for pre-cuts and does amazing work on needed repairs.

One of the things SLC is known for is their sewing machines and the sewing department uses one of the most popular, yet versatile models we offer. The Cobra Class 20. According to our website, “The Cobra Class 20 is a flatbed machine perfectly suited for book covers, liners, bags and sheaths with its compound feed walking foot, servo motor and speed reducer…This machine is great for beginners because of the speed reducer – you can sew at full torque at virtually any speed!” Because this is the machine that is used most in the sewing department, SLC associates go to Terri quite often with questions about the Cobra Class 20 and about sewing in general due to her knowledge and expertise.

Terri’s got an amazing and efficient team beside her in the sewing department. You’ve never seen folks that could sew up pieces so quickly and with such expertise. They are always willing to help or complete any pieces that need sewing. There is a lot of experience and back knowledge that they each bring to the table and each associate is uniquely creative and always helpful. They’ve got great attitudes and are an integral part of our team. We are super thankful for all that they do and inspire.

Welcome to SLC Retail

The retail floor here at Springfield Leather Company is unlike any other retail floor I have personally ever experienced. When you first walk in our front doors you are pleasantly surprised with the nostalgic smell of leather and greeted by a smiling (behind a mask), friendly face! You can take a look around to see aisles and tables full of differing leathers, whole walls of beads, tools and hardware. You would see belts and bags hanging to be browsed through, and many gorgeous rocks of all sizes.

Our retail store has a very eclectic, northwestern, earthy feel to it. When you enter into the store there are endless possibilities that await. That’s where our retail staff comes in! Anyone could have an amazing store, but without an amazing staff to match it – the store would lose it’s purpose and it’s lively spirit. Our retail staff’s aim is to meet people where they are. From beginners to professionals and creator of all sorts and ages.

That is exactly the type of attitude our retail staff members aspire to emulate, one of genuine care to see people succeed. They strive to help every person who walks in the door find exactly what they are looking for to make their creative aspirations become a reality.

Come visit us here in Springfield, Missouri. We would love to meet you in person and show you around the store!

Welcome to the SLC Office

Here at SLC we always love to compliment each department as it takes a village. Our SLC crew here is like a well-oiled machine day to day! Not a lot of folks know what all goes on behind the scenes here at Springfield Leather Company so we are going to give you a peak into the very busy daily lives of our Office Team.

Now, if you have ever given our store a call you have most-likely come in contact with one of our awesome office ladies! They are not only answering phones but they are constantly assisting customers. On the other end of the line with our office ladies are folks with a wide array of questions, concerns and inquiries. From hobbyist, to resellers, retired or elderly, veterans to bootmakers or folks who make reenactment costumes – our office staff is welcoming to all!

Many people still really enjoy and appreciate person to person business and here at SLC we respect and agree that person to person business is excellent! That is why our office ladies are so amazing. Each lady is a jack-of-all-trades, not only do they practice amazing communication and customer service skills but they have to know all about the many, many items and options we have available here at Springfield Leather Company. Whether it be by email or phone our office staff communicates efficiently and they are always very helpful.

SLC has customers all over the world and all over the country – we really take pride in that fact and welcome anyone who wants to learn! A couple of our ladies are bilingual as well they are always eager to assist with anyone who calls wanting to ask a question or put in an order.

When asked what she loves most about working in the office, Jennifer said,

“I think my favorite part about working in the office is talking to customers of different occupations, backgrounds, accents; and just all walks of life…We have customers nationwide and sometimes even worldwide!  I feel like we are connecting on a global level.  It’s definitely interesting!  Just a couple hours ago, I was talking to a customer who was calling from Australia!  I love the different personalities that I come across and if I have the opportunity to help someone’s day get better, it’s all the more rewarding!”

For our ladies in the office this season has been extremely busy. Many folks have faced shipments coming in late this month. A lot of the issue seems to be due to a higher percentage of online orders all across the country. Most of which are requested to be sent to their door step with in a few days. The post office has been struggling to get packages to homes quick enough and things have begun to pile up for them.

Naturally our office staff fields many phone calls about packages not being delivering on time. Each office staff member handles every situation with grace and facts. They realize that behind every phone call is a person just trying to get a simple answer. Unfortunately, the postal service is very backed up and overly busy this season with the extremely high percentage of online orders being processed. This means we are getting even more phone calls about the location of said orders. Each office staff member is very understanding and does as much as possible to reassure our customers when their package was shipped and they assists in any way possible to get the package out as quickly as possible. This has been a tough year for everyone in one way or another and our office ladies get that. They are kind and helpful and extremely well-informed, so if you need any assistance, please, just give us a call and always thank the office ladies!

Welcome to SLC Research and Development

Look at how to tool leather

Here at SLC there are many people who work very hard day to day to make sure our business runs smoothly. One of those amazing departments here at SLC is our Research and Development team. This team is full of creative and hard working folks. Though they are a fairly small team they are very important to the innovative aspect of our company. Each day they are faced with new possibilities of what to create or design for our customers to enjoy and maybe even dare to duplicate on their own.

Denny tooling leather

On a normal day here at SLC you can walk over to the R & D Department, right next to one of our biggest windows here at our store location, where the sun shines in on a sunny day to find our R & D Department hard at work.

You would see Larissa at her table working on and creating various different products from unique acessories like folding camp chairs and hats to trendy bags, or sturdy holsters, to patterns and templates for our customers to follow. Not only does she create these products but she simultaneously researches new and innovative ideas for future projects.

Larissa working on a new hat pattern

Next you’ll find Denny over at his work table tooling a saddle bag or some Sheridan style belts that are sure to inspire our western style leather creators. Denny teaches leather tooling classes a couple of times a month and has a lifetime full of knowledge when it comes to his craft, he is definitely someone you would go if you had questions about tooling leather or saddle construction.

Check out Denny’s handiwork

Across from Denny you’ll see Brenna putting together the instructions, diagrams and packaging for completed developments and products that go into our customers’ hands. Brenna translates the process from the original crafters’ perspective into an easy to read and follow step by step process. When asked what she likes about working in R & D she said, “We get to create new and exciting products that set us apart from our competitors. Since I design the kits, the best part for me is working with master crafters and breaking down their process for others to learn from. It’s fun seeing new designs made every day.” 

Brenna cheerfully displaying a project diagram she’s been working on

Now we can’t forget Clayton, who oversees the department. Clayton has made many debuts in our SLC Live videos as one of SLC’s craftsmen. One of his most recent being a “How To” on making an Aussie Hat! Clayton doubles as a Director over a couple areas including the Shop and R & D. He oversees current and future products that need to be finalized, fine-tuned, observed or tested before moving forward into the hands of the craftsmen and women who purchase our products. There is always something new to be done in their department and they are quite the creative and open-minded bunch; always ready for something new.

Clayton doing some product analysis on some thread Andrew brought by

Individually this team is extremely talented and open-minded when it comes to creating and crafting new designs and taking on new projects. Often a fellow employee will go over to the R & D Department with an idea for a new template or product and the R & D Department will turn it into a handcrafted and well-made reality while inputing their own spin on it! This team has to stay ahead of the leather trends curve and they work hard to produce and oversee products that our customers will love and use. We are thankful for such a great group of creative hard working folks in our R & D Department and we would definitely not be the same with out them!

Brenna and Larissa teaming up on product constructing

Leatherworking with Phil at Finley Farms

SLC and Mr. Phil Hedlund are teaming up! We met Phil awhile back and decided to help supply some of the materials needed for his upcoming leatherwork class at the Ozark Mill Finley Farms.

In this class, on December 20th at 6:30pm, Leatherworker Phil Hedlund will take you through the steps of crafting a leather key chain from a natural leather. He will introduce you to the basic tools you need to begin your leatherworking craft and explain the characteristics of working with different types of leather. Conquer your tools with ease with the guidance of Phil Hedlund and go home with a customized accessory or a thoughtful gift for someone special this holiday season!

SLC and Phil are also working together to create a new YouTube video series. This series will highlight the creation of high-end leather products and how they are built by Phil himself! We’re very excited to work with Phil and have some fun while sharing the experience with all of you! Be sure to signup soon for his class- spots are limited and selling fast! You can sign up by clicking HERE!

Springfield Leather Company and Glowforge are Teaming up!

First thing you might ask yourself is: What is Glowforge? Well, we’re so happy you asked! Glowforge is a 3D Laser Printer. For you scientific folks- Glowforge uses subtractive manufacturing while traditional 3D printers use additive manufacturing. A 3D printer builds up material, like plastic filament, layer by layer. With Glowforge, you’ll put a piece of material like leather, wood, or acrylic in the machine and it carves out your product using laser light. The technical name for the category of tools that includes Glowforge is a CNC laser cutter engraver, but that’s a mouthful, so we call it a 3D laser printer.  

With Glowforge, you can bring your vision to life at the speed of light.

With sophisticated onboard cameras, a powerful laser and intuitive software, you can print endless designs on hundreds of different materials – like leather, hardwood, metal or even glass. Glowforge cuts and engraves your designs directly on your favorite materials with such precision that you can lace up leather like a shoe. Whether you create a design with programs like Illustrator or InkScape – or with even just a pen – Glowforge turns your ideas into reality at the push of a button.

Some key features that make the Glowforge great are the cutting capabilities, personalization, affordability, and quality. The quality is superb due to its amazing auto focus. This machine also has an excellent camera, which makes it easy to position artwork to be engraved and cut.

Okay, so what’s that mean to you leathercrafting fools? Well, it means you can elevate your leathercraft with Glowforge! But before we get into upping your leather game, let’s chat about what this partnership between SLC and Glowforge means to you. Simply put this means discounts, and saving you your hard earned money! With our special referral link you can save hundreds of dollars on your very own Glowforge.

Here’s a breakdown of the savings:

$500 off a Glowforge Pro
$250 off a Glowforge Plus
$100 off a Glowforge Basic

About each machine:

Glowforge Pro
Unlimited printing power with endless possibilities. The Glowforge Pro is the ultimate option for home, business, or school. It prints truly enormous objects like furniture with the exclusive Pro Passthrough, allowing you to use infinitely long materials. Upgraded solid-state cooling allows nonstop printing all day long. The powerful 45 watt laser cuts up to 20% faster, and the top engraving speed is up to three times as fast as the Glowforge Basic. Class 4 laser product; place near a window for ventilation.

Glowforge Plus
The premium printing experience. The Glowforge Plus has the power to bring your vision to life at the speed of light. The Plus offers upgraded components and a top engraving speed that’s up to twice as fast as the Glowforge Basic. A double warranty offers yearlong peace of mind. Class 1 laser product; place near a window for ventilation.

Glowforge Basic
An introduction to the power and simplicity of Glowforge. The Glowforge Basic creates beautiful prints on dozens of materials right at home. Like all Glowforge printers, the Glowforge Basic uses onboard cameras and a powerful laser to make it easy to create beautiful products at home. You’ll be showing off your first print in under 30 minutes. Class 1 laser product; place near a window for ventilation.

Learn more about those offers here: glowforge.com/springfieldleather  

Here’s the top 6 ways this can up your leather game!

1. Your cutting tools, awls, and pricking irons will soon be gathering dust Use Glowforge to cut your project pieces with laser precision. Add holes for snaps and buckles, in exactly the right spot, and cut every stitch hole so you can lace your projects together like a shoe. Engrave the surface of your material to provide a key for glues, add decorative lines to border your edges, and even skive away material for folds and creases!

2. Prototyping has never been so easy Quickly cut prototypes from cardstock before breaking out your expensive leathers and check your sizing, test your flaps and pockets, and ensure your snaps and buckles are all positioned correctly. After your pre-flight checks are complete, use the same digital files to cut your final parts and start stitching!

3. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on debossing stamps anymore! Engrave custom debossing stamps from thick acrylic or delrin to add detail to your projects. Save hundreds of dollars and weeks of lead time, and offer embossing services to more of your customers. And of course, now your studio has a Glowforge printer, you print directly onto your leathers and skip the arbor press altogether.

4. Create every template and guide you’ll ever need Prefer to cut your parts by hand? With Glowforge, cut precision templates with ease, and even label them with text and diagrams. Making a bespoke briefcase for a customer? Use cardstock to create detailed but temporary guides for your scratch awl. Developed a core piece for your collection? Print a permanent template from acrylic with positioning marks for every stitch, crease and snap.

5. Make one. Or one hundred. When one of your incredible products inevitably sells out, load up your design, press print, and restock your shelves in hours, not days. Whether you print something bespoke for a special customer, or a hundred of your best seller, you can be sure that every one will be perfect, every time.

6. Glowforge is your favorite employee. Once your press the magic button, Glowforge takes care of the rest. So while Glowforge works hard to bring your most ambitious ideas to life, you can be working on your next best seller.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating today! Unlock the offers here: glowforge.com/springfieldleather

Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming! For some it’s coming faster than for others. Here at SLC we have many products which cannot be frozen (well, actually they can freeze- but it could possibly ruin the product).

So, as we do every year around this time, we’d like to send out a friendly reminder that if you order items which should not be frozen, we will hold off on shipping that product until the risk of freeze is over.

Most of these products will note “do not freeze” in the description, but if you have any questions or concerns- please do not hesitate to give us a call!

Stay warm out there!

Jazzing Up the Studio!

We’ve been adding some SLC flare to our video studio, and little by little- it’s coming along quite nicely! Check out the photos below for a quick visual tour.

Denny had to star in our recent YouTube video to show off our progress!

Meet Our Newest Addition to the Shop!

Here at SLC our jobs just keep getting bigger and bigger! This demands even more equipment so we can meet your needs, and our newest edition to our not-so-little machine family is a Camoga industrial splitter! This gorgeous beauty comes from Campbell-Randall Leather Machine Company, and Rusty and the rest of us are very excited about how much more splitting we can get done for you!  

So why a new Splitter? Well, we here at SLC have a large splitter and two small ones, which is amazing, but when it comes to medium-sized leather we have to put them through the large splitter, which puts that much more of a load on the big ol’ guy. So, our Camoga solves this problem by being a medium-sized splitter: Taking some of the work off of our large splitter and splitting medium-sized leather at a higher quality! It’s a win-win!

Check out the images below of our exciting unboxing and the sight of our new Camoga’s home: