Welcome to the SLC Office

Here at SLC we always love to compliment each department as it takes a village. Our SLC crew here is like a well-oiled machine day to day! Not a lot of folks know what all goes on behind the scenes here at Springfield Leather Company so we are going to give you a peak into the very busy daily lives of our Office Team.

Now, if you have ever given our store a call you have most-likely come in contact with one of our awesome office ladies! They are not only answering phones but they are constantly assisting customers. On the other end of the line with our office ladies are folks with a wide array of questions, concerns and inquiries. From hobbyist, to resellers, retired or elderly, veterans to bootmakers or folks who make reenactment costumes – our office staff is welcoming to all!

Many people still really enjoy and appreciate person to person business and here at SLC we respect and agree that person to person business is excellent! That is why our office ladies are so amazing. Each lady is a jack-of-all-trades, not only do they practice amazing communication and customer service skills but they have to know all about the many, many items and options we have available here at Springfield Leather Company. Whether it be by email or phone our office staff communicates efficiently and they are always very helpful.

SLC has customers all over the world and all over the country – we really take pride in that fact and welcome anyone who wants to learn! A couple of our ladies are bilingual as well they are always eager to assist with anyone who calls wanting to ask a question or put in an order.

When asked what she loves most about working in the office, Jennifer said,

“I think my favorite part about working in the office is talking to customers of different occupations, backgrounds, accents; and just all walks of life…We have customers nationwide and sometimes even worldwide!  I feel like we are connecting on a global level.  It’s definitely interesting!  Just a couple hours ago, I was talking to a customer who was calling from Australia!  I love the different personalities that I come across and if I have the opportunity to help someone’s day get better, it’s all the more rewarding!”

For our ladies in the office this season has been extremely busy. Many folks have faced shipments coming in late this month. A lot of the issue seems to be due to a higher percentage of online orders all across the country. Most of which are requested to be sent to their door step with in a few days. The post office has been struggling to get packages to homes quick enough and things have begun to pile up for them.

Naturally our office staff fields many phone calls about packages not being delivering on time. Each office staff member handles every situation with grace and facts. They realize that behind every phone call is a person just trying to get a simple answer. Unfortunately, the postal service is very backed up and overly busy this season with the extremely high percentage of online orders being processed. This means we are getting even more phone calls about the location of said orders. Each office staff member is very understanding and does as much as possible to reassure our customers when their package was shipped and they assists in any way possible to get the package out as quickly as possible. This has been a tough year for everyone in one way or another and our office ladies get that. They are kind and helpful and extremely well-informed, so if you need any assistance, please, just give us a call and always thank the office ladies!

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