Another Class with Denny Lowe

Denny is such a gracious teacher and this time, he’s helping our office staff train to understand customer concerns with a bit of practical application. Today’s lesson was in tooling a passport cover – here are a few images from the class! 

Denny teaches by showing first and supervising later. He’s allowing for students to make mistakes happy accidents. It’s the best way to learn a craft

Students tape the back of their projects to minimize stretching

They trace the pattern onto their leather diligently. 

Now they’re ready to begin carving and stamping

Of course, everyone works at their own pace. 

Eventually they’ll end up with something like this. 

Thanks for checking out this simple gallery. If you’d like to get some actual instruction, check out a few posts on our blog, check out our YouTube channel or grab a kit or pattern at our store. Denny has created the patterns for a number of more advanced projects including this popular shoulder holster pattern and he designed many of our CarveRite Craftaids

Until next time! 

How to Use SLC’s CarveRite Craftaids

We are so excited to finally announce the launch of our CarveRite craftaids! These poly patterns will make an impression on your leather and your customers. These handy aids make hand tooling your work a breeze with raised designs that work like a pattern in a convenient two-step process! Durable and reusable, they’re a crafter’s dream and now available from Springfield Leather Company. 


Get your Billfold Pattern CarveRite here 

Today, we’ll be showing you the quick and easy process of getting started, plus all of the things you’ll need to get your finished product. Each CarveRite comes with a page of instructions very similar to the ones you see here. 



Step 1 – Wet the leather 


Lay your leather flat and use a spray bottle to moisten the surface. The amount of water you’ll need to add depends on your leather among other things. It takes some practice to figure out how much water you need – just be careful to not get the leather soaking wet! You can always add more water later. 

Step 2 – Line up the CarveRite


Place the CarveRite on your leather ensuring that the textured side is facing the leather. 

Step 3 – Make an impression 


Rub a modeling spoon or another burnishing tool evenly across the back of the CarveRite, making sure to cover all of the design’s lines. This will press the design into the leather. 

Step 4 – Trace Your Design


Remove the CarveRite and use your swivel knife to carve the lines imprinted on the leather. Finish up with standard tooling magic methods. 

You can get your own CarveRite at our website. You can click the links above to get all of the products you need at SLC. To learn more about tooling, you can browse what we have on the blog or check out tooling videos on our YouTube Channel