Meet Our Newest Addition to the Shop!

Here at SLC our jobs just keep getting bigger and bigger! This demands even more equipment so we can meet your needs, and our newest edition to our not-so-little machine family is a Camoga industrial splitter! This gorgeous beauty comes from Campbell-Randall Leather Machine Company, and Rusty and the rest of us are very excited about how much more splitting we can get done for you!  

So why a new Splitter? Well, we here at SLC have a large splitter and two small ones, which is amazing, but when it comes to medium-sized leather we have to put them through the large splitter, which puts that much more of a load on the big ol’ guy. So, our Camoga solves this problem by being a medium-sized splitter: Taking some of the work off of our large splitter and splitting medium-sized leather at a higher quality! It’s a win-win!

Check out the images below of our exciting unboxing and the sight of our new Camoga’s home: 


Sir Loin’s time with us at SLC started back in September 2018. Rusty and Kevin had just bought a large amount of stuff (“stuff” includes everything from fine leathers, to tables with cow horn legs, to essential hardware— and everything in between), and Sir Loin was part of that stuff!

As we sifted through the new inventory we came across the magnificence which soon came to be known as: Sir Loin.

Since his arrival Sir Loin has been a social media rock star. He even got his name from a Facebook Post- beating out even some of the most pun-filled options like: Beau Vine, Rawhide, and Tiny.

On Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 at 9:02am Sir Loin was knighted with his name tag adornment and remains a mainstay in the SLC showroom to date.

Since Sir Loin is such a celebrity, we decided to have some more fun with him. Introducing the Sir Loin Selfie! Each time you visit our showroom you can enter to win a $10 gift card by doing the following four fun steps:

1)Take a selfie with Sir Loin.

2)Post said selfie on Facebook.

3)Use hashtag #SirLoinSelfie

4)Tag Springfield Leather Company in your post.

That’s all! Once we reach 20 entries we will select a winner at random once a month. So, come see us and get yourself entered!

Some of the SLC staff got in on the fun too.