Welcome to SLC Research and Development

Look at how to tool leather

Here at SLC there are many people who work very hard day to day to make sure our business runs smoothly. One of those amazing departments here at SLC is our Research and Development team. This team is full of creative and hard working folks. Though they are a fairly small team they are very important to the innovative aspect of our company. Each day they are faced with new possibilities of what to create or design for our customers to enjoy and maybe even dare to duplicate on their own.

Denny tooling leather

On a normal day here at SLC you can walk over to the R & D Department, right next to one of our biggest windows here at our store location, where the sun shines in on a sunny day to find our R & D Department hard at work.

You would see Larissa at her table working on and creating various different products from unique acessories like folding camp chairs and hats to trendy bags, or sturdy holsters, to patterns and templates for our customers to follow. Not only does she create these products but she simultaneously researches new and innovative ideas for future projects.

Larissa working on a new hat pattern

Next you’ll find Denny over at his work table tooling a saddle bag or some Sheridan style belts that are sure to inspire our western style leather creators. Denny teaches leather tooling classes a couple of times a month and has a lifetime full of knowledge when it comes to his craft, he is definitely someone you would go if you had questions about tooling leather or saddle construction.

Check out Denny’s handiwork

Across from Denny you’ll see Brenna putting together the instructions, diagrams and packaging for completed developments and products that go into our customers’ hands. Brenna translates the process from the original crafters’ perspective into an easy to read and follow step by step process. When asked what she likes about working in R & D she said, “We get to create new and exciting products that set us apart from our competitors. Since I design the kits, the best part for me is working with master crafters and breaking down their process for others to learn from. It’s fun seeing new designs made every day.” 

Brenna cheerfully displaying a project diagram she’s been working on

Now we can’t forget Clayton, who oversees the department. Clayton has made many debuts in our SLC Live videos as one of SLC’s craftsmen. One of his most recent being a “How To” on making an Aussie Hat! Clayton doubles as a Director over a couple areas including the Shop and R & D. He oversees current and future products that need to be finalized, fine-tuned, observed or tested before moving forward into the hands of the craftsmen and women who purchase our products. There is always something new to be done in their department and they are quite the creative and open-minded bunch; always ready for something new.

Clayton doing some product analysis on some thread Andrew brought by

Individually this team is extremely talented and open-minded when it comes to creating and crafting new designs and taking on new projects. Often a fellow employee will go over to the R & D Department with an idea for a new template or product and the R & D Department will turn it into a handcrafted and well-made reality while inputing their own spin on it! This team has to stay ahead of the leather trends curve and they work hard to produce and oversee products that our customers will love and use. We are thankful for such a great group of creative hard working folks in our R & D Department and we would definitely not be the same with out them!

Brenna and Larissa teaming up on product constructing

Welcome to Leather Gathering!

In our last couple of Newsletters we explained how we measure leather here at Springfield Leather in square footage. Typically when you receive a piece of leather from us, there will be natural edges included in your “cut” as it is a piece of a whole hide. Our Gathering Team is who makes sure that the square footage you receive in the mail is to your order’s specifications.

Here at Springfield Leather we have an amazing group of folks who make up our Leather Gathering Team. They do just that, gather your leather to fulfill your order right here at our shop. They check your order and customer notes, walk right over to our huge leather storage area, and grab your leather. Sometimes they have to climb a tall rolling ladder to reach the leather they need because our leather storage area is just as tall as it is wide. Next, they carry your leather over to their cutting table to measure and cut. The cutting table has a square footage graph on top for measuring each piece. The graph on top of the table really comes in handy when you’re working with, and measuring, the leather’s natural edges (which are most likely distressed and curved). After measuring the square footage of the piece, they make one single cut to the leather to finish up and fulfill the order. After making the final cut they take the remaining leather back to storage area for future orders.

Janna grabbing some leather from storage

Cori, one of our Leather Gathering veterans, says, “Once the gatherer makes the cut and finishes the order, the leather is rolled up in a specific way depending on what type of leather it is.  Some are rolled with the grain side out, and some with the grain side in. Our leather team is very knowledgeable about each leather – and packing orders is very important for us to get correct!”

Cori working on finishing up an order

Watching them roll leather orders up to be shipped, the Leather Gathering Team is very efficient and mindful of every order that they are fulfilling. You walk in the back of the shop where they are constantly busy and they always have great attitudes! The team is very knowledgeable about the leather that passes through their department’s hands every day and are always willing to share their knowledge and answer any questions about measuring leather.

Many people have bragged about how quickly they get their leather orders and we owe a lot of that praise to our amazing Leather Gathering Team here at SLC. We would not be the company we are today without each working part of our team – and our Leather Gathering Department is a great team player!

An Exciting Announcement!

As you know, we love working together with our longstanding Hermann Oak and Kevin has a message regarding our latest collaborative effort in this open letter shared on Kevin’s Storytime!

When great companies work together, great things happen!!! And they happen for their customers as well. Those things are known as win-win situations, and the main beneficiary of these win-win situations is always the customer. The benefit to the companies comes later as it flows from happy customers to innovative companies.  It’s well known that “Customer First” has been the long-standing policy of great companies like Springfield Leather Company and Hermann Oak Leather.

Having said that, leathercrafters across the board have long-desired a HERMANN OAK DOUBLE SHOULDER.  And SLC and Hermann Oak feel that this would be a tremendous addition to the leather industry in this country for manufacturers, hobbyists, belt makers and all sorts of other leathercrafters.  But confronting the production problems that came along with creating this seemingly simple cut of leather were far more daunting than the average person would realize. It would require a small book to explain them!  

So…recently, Hermann Oak and SLC have teamed up, and worked together extensively to try to solve these difficulties.  And, (amazingly enough) we feel that between us, we think we have it whipped!!! Another benefit of this production has been realized. Not only will we have a Hermann Oak double shoulder, but we’ll also have a double culatta!!!  Initial research has shown that using double shoulders and double culattas can result in AS MUCH AS 40% YIELD INCREASES FOR VARIOUS END USERS!

With all of these things having been said, production samples are in hand!  Testing is in place. Grading and pricing are being discussed. We’re very excited to have a part in bringing this wonderful new product to our customers! And certainly want to express our gratitude and thanks to Hermann Oak for being willing to not only change the way that they think, but for taking the time and effort required to make this colossal project a success.  


Tours at SLC

Tours are just one of the ways we like to connect with our customers. Leather is a niche industry and every business does things differently. Our tours allow us to show customers our dedicated staff and all of the changes we are making to our work space. As the traveling season is winding down, we wanted to give those who are far away a chance to see the store. We missed a few spots, but we hope you’ll get to see those parts for yourself when you come visit! 


Check out the live tour on Facebook!  

How to Use SLC’s CarveRite Craftaids

We are so excited to finally announce the launch of our CarveRite craftaids! These poly patterns will make an impression on your leather and your customers. These handy aids make hand tooling your work a breeze with raised designs that work like a pattern in a convenient two-step process! Durable and reusable, they’re a crafter’s dream and now available from Springfield Leather Company. 


Get your Billfold Pattern CarveRite here 

Today, we’ll be showing you the quick and easy process of getting started, plus all of the things you’ll need to get your finished product. Each CarveRite comes with a page of instructions very similar to the ones you see here. 



Step 1 – Wet the leather 


Lay your leather flat and use a spray bottle to moisten the surface. The amount of water you’ll need to add depends on your leather among other things. It takes some practice to figure out how much water you need – just be careful to not get the leather soaking wet! You can always add more water later. 

Step 2 – Line up the CarveRite


Place the CarveRite on your leather ensuring that the textured side is facing the leather. 

Step 3 – Make an impression 


Rub a modeling spoon or another burnishing tool evenly across the back of the CarveRite, making sure to cover all of the design’s lines. This will press the design into the leather. 

Step 4 – Trace Your Design


Remove the CarveRite and use your swivel knife to carve the lines imprinted on the leather. Finish up with standard tooling magic methods. 

You can get your own CarveRite at our website. You can click the links above to get all of the products you need at SLC. To learn more about tooling, you can browse what we have on the blog or check out tooling videos on our YouTube Channel

A Pretty Rockin’ Time | An SLC Profile with Cori Edwards

The mail order and gathering departments are bustling segments of SLC that are so busy, they need three supervisors. Meet Cori, one of those awesome supervisors, order coordination master, training virtuoso and keeper of BIN locations! 


Cori started with SLC by applying for a marketing job. Though she didn’t get hired for that gig, she seemed a great fit for our hardware gathering department. Two years went by and she’s doing much more than that now. 

In addition to coordinating orders by separating and organizing them, managing back orders, getting locations for stock items and adjusting orders, she’s also “…responsible for training our new gatherers to use Netsuite, gather orders efficiently and accurately, and also incorporate our company’s culture and personality.” 

With all of that on her plate, she still manages to keep up and even solve problems for the department. 

“My challenge is definitely getting problem items on orders taken care of and intercepted fast enough. It’s something that’s always a challenge and we’re really working hard to create a faster flow,” she said. 

While that part may be tough, she loves the challenge and attributes her ease of mind to her coworkers. She said, “My favorite part is definitely the culture here and the people that I work with.” 


While she is well-versed in Springfield Leather products, she isn’t much of a crafter these days. When asked if she does leathercraft, she said, 

“I am inspired by it and I used to feel like I was pretty crafty but coming into a work environment with people that are much craftier than I am, I wasn’t even at a level close. I think it’s inspiring and I love seeing what other people can make.”

Instead, she focuses her attention on another kind of art. “I’m a musician and I go home and write music. That’s my side of the brain that I feel more confident in.”

Cori plays the cello and provides some vocals for her band Kill Crows.

Cori says that the band is in the finishing stages of an album. Their music is a mix of folk, country, gospel and punk rock. “It’s definitely a hybrid crazy combination but it’s pretty rockin.” We could say the same about Cori and her job. It’s a big mix of responsibilities, but she rocks it! 

If you’d like to do business with Cori, just place an order with SLC! More than likely, she’ll have a hand in getting it to you.