Oscar Saves the Day

At SLC, the love for humorous narrative is as essential to our business as leather! Kevin has always loved telling fanciful stories that highlight how interesting the world could be with a touch of imagination. These days, he doesn’t grace us with as many as he once did, but we got lucky this week. 


Each week, Kevin personally picks out a Flash Sale item for customers. This week, he decided on an exotic pack that has such wild patterns, he just had to tell a story. Keep reading to see just how a brave little corgi was able to save the world. 

While on vacation in the wilds of Arkansas, Oscar and his owner, Emma, stumbled across a potential disaster for mankind. While sniffing around the local nuclear power generator, Oscar disturbed a large herd of extremely poisonous mutated lizards! Being intelligent, as well as being a natural herder, Oscar realized the danger and quickly scurried around and began herding the rascals toward his owner who was across the valley on top of a hill. 

In a flash, Emma realized what was taking place, and quickly used her cell phone to notify Kevin and Rusty of the need to save mankind. Kevin and Rusty promptly hopped in the SLC helicopter and rushed to the scene to find a very tired Oscar herding the dangerous reptiles in a circular manner. With their Leather Disruptor Stun Ray Guns set to “terminate” they quickly dispatched the venomous critters as they raced past and provided Oscar with a much needed and much deserved rest. 


Rusty came up with the brilliant idea of skinning the large Reptiles, and after skinning and tanning the hides to their surprise discovered that they had in their possession some of the strangest, uniquely patterned and beautiful lizard skins imaginable!!!! Anxious to make these rare and valuable skins available to leather crafters across the country, they quickly directed the crack marketing team of SLC to offer them to the public at prices that are just too good to pass up!

Now with all of that being said, there’s another story about finding a bunch of these things in part of the warehouse that hadn’t seen the light of day for a couple of years, but it’s not as interesting.

– Kevin