The Tariffs are Coming – but not to SLC!

Tariffs are no fun, but they’re coming and we want to help you! That’s why Darcie has taken some time to let you know about what Kevin and Rusty have in the works to save you money.

I’m not sure if Kevin’s way of thinking has slowly rubbed off on Rusty over the years or if Kevin’s brainwaves are actually stronger than we ever imagined and could have possibly penetrated Rusty’s thick skull and hijacked his brain because these two are thinking the exact same thoughts! Not only are they thinking the same thoughts, they’re way ahead of the game in keeping your best interests in mind.

 In anticipation of the current trade wars and arguments over impending tariffs and resulting effects on trade, Rusty and Kevin had the foresight to have already begun to take measures in establishing relationships with suppliers located in the United States. See? It’s like their combined thought processes merged together like a super-computer and practically predicted the future! So, on a recent trip to the east coast, Kevin and Rusty were on a mission to make things happen! 

They actually solidified several sources for hardware, as well as tools (and if I know Rusty, probably a parking ticket or two). Sealing the relationships with these manufacturers is incredibly significant. It allows us to avoid many of the hefty 25% tariffs, which will ultimately result in us being able to maintain reasonable prices for you! What’s more, Kevin and Rusty’s efforts in strengthening our working relationships with these manufacturers has also given us more of an ability to dictate what we want and how we want it.

These strong bonds have also allowed us
to offer you a chance to save on select Cobra machines before prices rise! 

That’s not all! For a limited time, you can finance your machine with no payments until 2019 when you qualify with QuickSpark!

supplies last, you can buy your Cobra machine without the 25% markup
caused by impending tariffs!

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