Without being able to be there to see the leather, what is your grading system? If it’s on your website, I’m brain farting and sure not seeing it. I’m debating your side tooling top or the Herman Oak craftsman grade. I will be making a steampunk hat.

We don’t really “grade” leather, so you won’t find a chart on our website. The tanneries grade the leather that they sell us, and we forward the customer those grades.  

Our “top” grade of import is an A/B selection, and our Medium is a C grade selection.  

As for Hermann Oak, we sell their B grade, and what we call a Craftsman Grade, which corresponds to their D grade. 

With that being said, you might want to consider how leather is graded at the tannery. Many are not aware that leathers that come out of the tannery are all basically the same quality, because they are all tanned in the same pits or drums.  What determines various grades, is the number of cosmetic issues on a side or hide.  For instance, if a side of Hermann Oak has a very ugly large brand right in the center of the side, with the rest of the side being just fine, that side could be a D grade.  But if you cut the side in half, and you cut right thru the brand, you’d have two half sides that could easily be “A” grade. 

That is precisely why we sell more Craftsman Grade leather than any other leather.  People have learned to work around and with surface issues.  Import leathers are simply different than domestic leathers because of the tanning process itself.  

For more information about buying leather, browse this blog or check out our FAQ. We provide detailed information about different leather types, cuts. weights and buying methods.  

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