I posted a few days ago about dyeing and finishing one of your veg tan splits 5×10 I bought from you guys. Well, the tooling is done and no response. Help me out here.

I thought someone had helped you out already!  Regardless, as you might imagine, dyeing and finishing a split is a bit different from smooth veg. I’ve done it in a number of ways, and been pretty successful. You can oil it first, and let it dry. That, in itself, will darken it and could be an end result if you like it.  After it dries, you could put any sort of stain over it, such as Hi Liter, Goof Proof, or Fiebings Antique Stain, wipe the excess off, and that will look pretty good as well.  Using sheepwool to apply those works better than a sponge, rag, or a dauber.  You can spray with masters quick shine after drying.  You can also airbrush it with regular dye if you wish, and finish with Masters QuickShine. Dyeing with regular dye using a dauber is usually not happy.                

 Hope this helps a bit!

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