So, A Needle Pulling Thread

There’s nothing quite like pining over an expensive machine, finally getting it home, and being hit with the sudden realization that you don’t know how thread it. It’s a common problem and we’ve got the solution with our new videos to help you get started anew. 

In three videos you will learn to thread a Cobra Class 20, Cobra Class 26 and a Cobra Class 3/Class 4. 

Class 3/Class 4

Class 20

Class 26


Just in case you find yourself a little lost, here is a bit of info on some of the terms you hear Rusty use. 


Thread Guides – Thread guides make sure that the thread is always in the correct place. They are simple metal loops that make it difficult for the thread to lose its way. In case your thread does lose its way, the guides are made so that they can be put back in place without starting the threading process over. 


Tension Disks – They are the metal coils on the machine. They work in conjunction with the thread guides to make sure the thread stays in place. Tension disks maintain enough tension so that thread does not become lax and is less likely to get caught or tangled. 

Foot Press  – The foot press referred to in the threading video is the smaller foot pedal on the bottom on the machine. This foot only lifts the needle. Be careful not to confuse this pedal with the gas which is the much larger pedal to the left. 

If you want to learn more about buying leather sewing machines, getting started with them and even what thread sizes are best for the, visit our Machinery Index. It’s chock full of information on picking the right machine and even financing it!  

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