A Quick Word About Change

At SLC, we embrace change as much as possible – it’s what keeps us afloat in an ever-changing economy and industry. 

We have been putting more resources into our production work and, as you may already know, we’ve also acquired more space. With growing demand for production work and newfound space, we’ve decided to make some changes that we think will increase productivity and serve our customers.

We are converting a seldom-used work area into a storage facility. This will come in handy when Kevin and Rusty jump at the next great deal. 

We have moved some of our production efforts over to Research and Development. Now we have more space for clickers! And boy, we love our leather shapes. 

Denny and Clayton, from Research Development, are enjoying their expanded work areas in one of our former storage spaces. 

There are more changes on the horizon, but we thought we’d let you know more about some of the things we’ve accomplished along the way! 

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