I had a few questions about your stitching chisels… I ordered some from you the other day… they’re the mail, now, and was wondering IF they come with instructions? Like, do you dampen and case your leather before using them, or use them on dry leather? Put a finish on after stitching, or before using the chisels? Questions like that. IF it comes with all those instructions, that’s good. IF they don’t, and you have a link to something that shows me all the questions, that would be good, too.

They don’t come with directions.  Actually, you can use them any way that you want, and to punch through any leather that they will go through.  The only thing that you might want to be aware of, is that it’s good to use a poly cutting board, (like you might use in the kitchen,) on top of a granite slab to punch through on.  Other than that, it’s good to strop them like you would a swivel knife from time to time.   That’s about it!

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