I bought a shoulder 6/7 mm on line to make bracelets as Christmas gifts. I have learned my lesson. This is hard leather and even hard to punch hole in. I cannot get strap cutter to cut it. I cannot even get it to start. I have started a cut and still not. Any suggestions? Thank You

First of all, if you’ve run into a piece of leather that has a bit of rawhide in it where you’re starting to cut, that could be it.  It happens, although it’s not common.  If you’ve tried to cut it, then you’ll need to move your blade to a fresh cutting spot, because rawhide dulls it immediately.  You might have to take a sharp knife, and see if the leather will cut that way.  If it does, you might be able to remove a little bit of the leather where you’re starting to cut from.  Usually, if leather has hardness in it, it won’t be all through the hide.  If it’s my leather, then I’d be happy to get it back and replace it for you.  You might also be able to cut it with a knife and a straight edge.  I’ve run into hides in the past where I could not cut a strap from it.  I cut two straps with a knife and a straight edge, and my strap cutter worked just fine after that.  If I can be of any other help, let me know.  And like I said, if I need to replace it, I’ll be happy to.

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