i’ve been buying Hermann Oak veg tan for the last two years – it’s awesome leather. My method to prevent too much shrinking or stretching during tooling and drying is to rubber cement the leather to some Cold Press Illustration Board – this has worked well. Now the problem, I’ve had significant shrinking with the Hermann Oak using this same procedure. What methods do you use to prevent excess shrinkage? I cut a cell phone case to shape and it shrank 1/4 inch when it dried. Thank you!

I used to do that as well, and then an inmate told me to put masking tape on the back of the leather before I tooled it.  I tried it, and have been doing that ever since.  Works great and I’ve never had any shrinkage since!

Denny also uses this taping method for his tooling but opts for clear packing tape instead. He tools almost exclusively Hermann Oak leather. 

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