I’m confused about leathers you sell. I can’t remember what can be I can’t I can’t remember what can be tooled, formed, burnished. Help me out. What can I do to the following leathers: Hermann Oak drum dyed, Oxford XCEL and oil tanned? I make small personal items like wallets, key fobs, checkbook covers, belts. I’m learning to tool and I stamp a lot. I understand what can be made with veg tanned leathers, that’s mostly what I use, but not the really good stuff yet. Thanks.

All veg leather can be formed. Natural, undyed veg leather can be tooled, dyed, burnished, finished, and formed.  Drum-dyed veg can be formed, burnished, perhaps stamped, but not tooled happily.  Xcel leather is chrome tanned and cannot be tooled, formed, or burnished very well.  Most oil tanned leathers will not form, burnish, or stamp or tool.

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