Ask Kevin

Hey folks! One of our favorite things is helping our customers. Since the beginning we have prided ourselves on giving quality advice to anyone who asks. That’s why we have the Ask the Pros page on our website. Kevin, Rusty, Denny, Clayton and a whole host of knowledgeable people answer questions from customers and crafters from around the world. 

This week on Kevin’s Storytime, we’ll be answering some of those questions that we think might benefit lots of folks! Feel free to chime in with your own questions. We’d be happy to help! 

Please note that questions from our online form have been transplanted here as anonymous asks. Some questions may be edited for brevity, clarity and to protect private information. Any submissions directly to our ask box on Tumblr have not been edited. 

We are also adding a link to the navigation bar to collect these questions for easy access to some good information! So, click the link or search “ask kevin” on our blog. 

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