Bringing it Together | An SLC Profile with Emma

Emma is Springfield Leather’s one and only Human Resources Coordinator! Proprietor of employee benefits, drafter of policies, unofficial office assistant and queen of coffee, Emma says she lives in meetings and loves every minute of it. 😉 Learn more about how Emma helps to bring it all together below. 


Emma started in Billing in 2008. As the company expanded, she

briefly acted as the office coordinator before moving into Human Resources circa 2013. It was a new position, she said. “We did it before, but [the work] was spread out between three or more individuals and that worked when we were smaller.” 

SLC needed someone to keep up with insurance, vacation plans, paid time off, retirement, policy manuals, hiring and perks. Emma’s educational background is in Fine Arts and Art History, so she set to work getting her certification for Human Resources. “It’s not the equivalent of getting a Bachelor’s degree, but it is the thing you do if you’re in the field and you can’t go to school. It requires continued education and keeping up-to-date with laws and insurance.” 

Being up-to-date is where Emma feels challenged. There are always changes with laws regarding employment, but she says that it’s insurance that keeps her on her toes. “The law is always changing with different administrations. It can be challenging to keep up with.” 

Her other challenge is finding the right employees. “SLC has always been kind of a funny place. I don’t view it as a cookie cutter place, so I’m always looking to find good people and keep them.” 

Working on retention is one of Emma’s favorite parts. “I like helping people,” she said, “knowing that somebody is enjoying their job.” She likes providing perks and surprises like food and t-shirts. Above all, she says that she likes making SLC an awesome place to work. “I like the background side of things, I like knowing that we try to make Springfield Leather a better and better place to work even if it’s a slow and steady process. I always want to find a good balance.”


Emma tries to find that balance with her life outside of leather by spending lots of time at her yoga studio, reading with her corgi Oscar and traveling. She is always looking to go somewhere new, she says. She’s already visited California, New Orleans

and Seattle this year and has plans to visit San Antonio soon. Her wanderlust seems to be the catalyst for her taste in literature. “I like historical stuff, factual documentaries and biographical stuff, but I’m also a big giant nerd so I love Tolkien and stuff like that.”

She doesn’t do leather craft but she has tried her hand at it. “I am probably one of the only people who work here that has barely touched leather. Rusty had me make a knife sheath years ago and I lost it. I made earrings once and came to a jewelry class once.” While she found enjoyment in photography and pottery, she mostly appreciates art and likes being around creative people. 

That’s why Springfield Leather is a great environment for her. In her nine years here, she is most proud of the ways that the company has evolved. 

“We are trying to maintain this culture of being family friendly and trying to work with individual employees. We show value to each employee while trying to keep up with the productivity and efficiency that you have to have to survive as a business. I like being a person who is in the background who is aware of each individual department. I enjoy focusing on the big picture. I can see the overarching story of Springfield Leather. I really enjoy bringing it together.” 

If you would like to do business with Emma, apply for a job with us! 

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