A Full-Time Life | An SLC Profile with Monique

As SLC enters the busiest season of the year, Monique is stepping up to the plate for her greatest challenge yet: a new position. Newly dubbed our Office Coordinator, Monique is the maestro of office training, customer service savant, federal order virtuoso, return steward and an expert dabbler in of a little bit of everything. 


Monique joined SLC’s Billing team two years ago. She said, “It was a random application and they decided to take a chance on me. It kind of progressed from there – as I got comfortable with SLC, SLC got comfortable with me.” 

That’s not all that Monique had to get comfortable with. She says the most challenging part of her job is trying to get everything done by the end of the day and accepting that it’s not always possible. 

“When I first started my desk was clean. There would be nothing around for the next day. I don’t like leaving things behind. If I could stay all night to finish it, I would. I try to have it all finished in one day, knowing that I won’t have it all finished…but trying my best.” 

The transition to her new position has added another layer to that ambitious goal: not letting things fall behind as she manages even more tasks than before. 


She says that aside from seeing Rusty every day, her favorite part about work is simply being here. “Work to me is vacation,” she said. With two teenagers she has plenty to handle after she clocks out. While she is grateful to be spared from teenage requests for a few hours each day, she is even more thankful for the opportunity to pursue what she loves. “I am fortunate to do this because my husband was injured in the military and he stays home with the kids.” 

Monique is a self-proclaimed boring person who appreciates the simple things in life. 

“These days, I just enjoy quiet. You’re at work all day, talking to people all day, and then you go home. I work full time, I’m a mother full time, a wife full time, a daughter in law full time. I used to be cooking and reading and now I just wanna watch stupid TV and enjoy quiet.” 

Monique isn’t much into leather craft, though she is one of the best at finding you what you need to get your project complete! She takes pride in being able to help customers, prioritize her family and rock this new position. 

If you’re interested in doing business with Monique, just give us a ring! You can order items over the phone using our website or catalog as your guide. She’s also here to direct your calls to anyone you may need advice from – she’s just that good! 

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