#TBT – A Little Leather Company Grows (Vol. 4)

Hey folks! 

This is the final entry in our throwback catalog series. In this final edition,

Kevin and Becky are sporting new looks (again) and Kevin reflects on the year for SLC. Plus, Ed’s wild art is back with a group of men facing off against a wild raccoon. For anyone interested in some leather industry history, Kevin has provided some good information about major changes in late 2001! 


“There’s anywhere from 12 to 13 of us that work (or at least show up) here, and it seems like we could use about another 2 or 3.” 


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Business grew and it keeps on growing! That 12 to 13 is now roughly 70 people and it still feels like maybe we could use another 2 or 3 to help out sometimes. Still, we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

We’ll still be here each week with something new. We’re getting back into employee profiles! We’ll see ya then! 

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