This Leather Collection Will Make You Money!

If you’ve ever wanted to make money with leather, but you weren’t sure how to get started, here’s your chance! SLC is proud to present Kevin’s Craft Pack! Though it seems he may have forgotten it was his idea 😀 


Kevin took weeks to scour through the SLC inventory and find items that we have an abundance of that would be great for leather crafters of all skill levels – kids too! The best part about it all is that there are couple of items that are worth the cost of the whole darn thing! Whether you make things for fun or leather is your business, this is an excellent way to get some items that you can sell. 

Check out the video below to see some of the awesome things inside and keep scrolling for the full rundown. 

Each pack is $50 and includes a letter from Kevin and some complimentary instructions for mystery braiding, hand stitching, coin purses and more! 

Plus all of these amazing items:

• Assorted scrap (1 pound)
• Solid color lizard skin (1
• Exotic print lizard skin (1)
• Fish skin (1)
• Embossed leather (1)
• Lamb skin (2)
• Caiman tail (1)
• Exotic scrap (½ pound)
• Lace remnants (3 pounds)
• Suede scrap (2 pounds)
• Oil tan remnants (2 pounds)
• Gold chain (2 yards)
• Miscellaneous hardware (1 pound)
• Bobbins (approximately 5)
• Pony beads (3 large packs, 1 small pack)
• Round lace (1 spool)
• Suede lace (1 spool)
• Leather bracelets (3)
• #2 Belt strips, 1” (2)
• Belt buckles, 1” (5)
• Horse shapes (20)
• Horse key fobs (5)
• Key rings (5)

Grab your craft pack and show us what you got! You can send them here on Tumblr or Tweet them to us! 

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