#TBT – A Little Leather Company Gets a Catalog

We’re a day off on our #TBT but you do what you want when you’re the best leather company! 😉 

Our catalog is still in high demand in an age where technology is king! That’s because we still value doing things the old fashioned way and putting our customers first. I bet a lot of you didn’t know that the catalog started as a way for one of our largest and dearest customer bases to choose what they want! That’s right! We serve thousands of inmates across the country by supplying them with a plethora of leather craft necessities.  

These days, we send our inmate customers fliers as well as catalogs and some even shop online. So, where’s this blast from the past? It’s below! Here’s the inside cover of our very first catalog, published in September of 1999. Our staff and procedures have changed but our dedication remains the same! 


View a higher resolution version of this page here.

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