This Easy Scuff Fix Will Make You the Belle of the Ball

Hello everyone! We’ve told you a lot about leather, how to buy it, how it’s graded and even how to make stuff with it, but we haven’t told you a thing about caring for it or restoring it. In this quick how-to, we tested

showroom associate

Jeff’s quick fix for scuffed leather. 


What You’ll Need 


Scuffed leather – we used shoes 
Leather Conditioner – we used Bick 4 Leather Conditioner 
Leather Dye – we used Fiebings Leather Dye in USMC Black 
– Paper, plastic or a surface that you can get dirty with dye – we used a plastic grocery bag
Syringe – no needle required! 
Container for mixing 
Gloves and/or dye applicator – we used gloved hands
Soft cotton cloth 


Prepare a work space that can get a little dirty. We just used a plastic bag big enough for our shoes. If your project is a bit larger, you may want to lay out paper or go outside. You’ll also want to start off with your gloves on. Prep is totally optional though, if you like the dye a lot, why not spread it around? 😀 

Let’s Get Started 

Mix the dye 
In a container, mix dye and leather conditioner. We used 1/8th cup of leather conditioner and 12 drops of dye (roughly a teaspoon). Essentially, you’re tinting your conditioner because your shoes need the TLC. If your piece needs more pigment, add more dye! The big idea here is that you want more conditioner than dye and if you use Fiebings, a little goes a long way. 


Apply the dye
You want to carefully apply your mixture to the desired areas. We used gloved hands to apply the paste and gently rub it into the material. You want the conditioner and pigment to penetrate the material but you don’t want to soak it. If you only need a bit, an empty travel-sized spray bottle is a fine way to dispense and store your mixture. 


Let your mixture sit on the material for at least one hour

Buff away any excess conditioner with a soft cotton cloth and you’re all done! 


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